When you ask an engineering student "What have you done throughout the 4 years of your studies," most will answer "Equations." This results in a scenario where even the most accomplished students felt clueless and inexperienced upon entering the competitive job market. In the beginning of the 1980's the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) devised a solution. Groups of Mechanical\Automotive Engineering students from all over the world will DESIGN, BUILD and RACE a formula style (open wheel) vehicle.

With a history spanning over 35 years, the competition has expanded significantly. Currently, there are over 600 ranked teams globally, and competitions take place on every continent: 9 in Europe, 4 in North America, as well as in Japan, China, India, Brazil, and even in Australia down under.

The competition challenges the teams in building a powerful, stable, reliable, safe and cost effective open wheel 'Formula' style race-car. The students are required to justify and explain their design to judges from all over the Automotive and Aerospace industry.

    Preliminary Safety Testing:
  • Technical & Safety Inspection
  • Tilt Test
  • Brake & Noise Test
    Static events:
  • Design (150 points) - Teams are required to justify their design decisions to judges.
  • Cost (100 points) - A cost report must be generated to show the cost effectiveness of the vehicle.
  • Presentation (75 points) -Teams are required to deliver a business plan and convince potential investors to invest in a fictional startup car manufacturing company.
    Dynamic Events:
  • 75 m Acceleration (100 points)
  • Skid Pad (75 points)
  • Autocross (125 points)
  • 22 km Endurance & Fuel Economy (275 + 100 points)
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